Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hEaRt sHouToUt - loSt?

have you ever get awake in the middle of the night...
feeling lost and weak and you think you might...
regretting over some shit you know you can't fight...
timeless seconds crush you from the side...

do you love yourself?
i know you don't
will you hate yourself?
i know u won't

i know something you already know and see
that now im just everything that you want me to be
what's up with that? you wanna be free?
suck up that facts and leash out the reality

So just kill me then!
you want me to?
Wanna torture me then?
you know its not true
So what do you want from me?
its just you... And only you.

Shut up and see thru you
will you see me now?
i am you and you being me
if you cant see that so i'm sorry
its not lies, its destiny

you should have known
how many times you seek and take
the answers are just gonna crush and break
the decision are not for you to make

after all
we're just human...

words : me
sounds : me also

p/s : Aku buat lagu ni masa aku terjaga dari tido smalam n terus tengok cermin. Malam memang menjanjikan seribu erti pada sesapa yang mahu berfikir. Nauzubilillahiminzalik...

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